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Sought job:I am planning to move to France in the next weeks and I would like to work in the fields where I am experienced: customer service, sales, finance and translation. Nevertheless I am open to new challenges and I would be glad to try a new position in the hospitality field as well.

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Nationality: Italian

D.O.B: 27/08/1981
I feel very comfortable working with clients though I wouldn’t exclude new challenges.


March 2010 – To date
DELL Computers
EMEA Operations Support Agent working for Italy, Spain, UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Benelux, Poland, South Africa
Dublin 18, Cherrywood

Among my daily tasks I look after Dell’s clients ( companies only) who contacted our technical support and I make sure they are completely satisfied about the technical assistance received and about Dell.
I represent Dell, so in case of dis...

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I've been working in the customer support field for the last 3 years now and I've been in my current role for over a year so I'm starting to look for new challenges and new ways to learn and develop my skills. I worked both with vendors and with customers so it wouldn't be a problem to work with one or both of them.
I'm an Italian native speaker and I also speak a fluent English and Spanish and good French and I've used all 4 languages in my jobs.I am very reliable, honest and well organized...