FAQ for jobs seekers of enligne-ie.com

Enligne : faq demandeurs d'emplois

The frenquelty asked questions concerning job applications on enligne-ie.com

For how long does the Platform exist ?

The consulting firm that created the website exists since 1996.
The internet Platform Enlign started in 1999 to support the needs of the firm's clients. It then took off progressively. The consulting firm that created Enligne has been exclusively managing the website since 2004.

What's the daily number of visitors of your websites ?

Combined, all our websites are visited by more than 300 000 persons every day.
It is complicated to know how many visitors each website receive:
- In most cases, a visitor goes from one website to another. This visitor should be attributed to one of those websites in particular and we don't have this particuliar option.
- If we multiply the number of visitors by the number of visits of each website, we would obtain gigantics figures that wouldn't quite represent reality.

How can I apply to an offer ?

To apply to an offer, you must first of all register your CV on our website.
Once your CV is online, you can apply to the offers you’re interested in from your application space. It will show to the author of the ad that you are interested.
The offerer will then receive an e-mail from us containing a direct link to your CV.

Do I have to register to apply to offers ?

Some of our customers do not wish to be disturbed by phone or e-mail.
That is why they prefer to post their anonymous offer on our website.
To apply to these offers, you need to have registered your CV on our website.
This registration is completely free of charge and allows you to get informed of new offers posted on our website which correspond to your profile.

Why do some of your offers not have any contact détails ?

Some of our customers wish to remain anonymous. Indeed, they may be bothered by phone or e-mail by some very insisting applicants. They prefer to take the time to make their choice among various applicants.

Can I get more information on an offer posted on your website ?

All the informations given by the employer are published. We do not have any further information.
If you’re interested in the offer, you need to send your application. If the employer is interested in your profile, he will then give you more informations.

Can I partially fill in the registration form and complete it later ?

You must completely fill in the form and carefully follow the given instructions.
Take the time to complete the form correctly : your image is at stake.
All registrations containing “CV coming soon”, “CV on demand” or any similar phrase indicating that the CV is not complete, are deleted automatically.

Can I make several registrations ?

You can make only one registration as a job seeker, one registration as an internship seeker, and one registration as a freelance.
The registration as job seeker has to be clearly presented as a job demand.
The registration as internship seeker has to be clearly presented as an internship demand.
The registration as freelance worker has to be clearly presented as a description of freelance worker
A job demand must not be presented as an internship demand too, because we consider that it would represent unfair competition for internship seekers.
And this also works the other way : an internship demand must not be presented as an eventual job demand because the employer will automatically favour an internship which is not in the demander’s interest.
A job or internship demand in a freelance expert’s presentation form will automatically be deleted.

I just registered but I can’t find my CV on your website. Why?

You carefully followed the instructions but you can’t find your CV on the website.
There may be several explanations:
- Your CV has not been validated yet: all CVs are humanly controlled before being posted on the website. If you respected all instructions indicated in the form, your CV will be accepted. If not, it is deleted without further notice.
- Besides, the website is updated 4 times a day. Your CV may not have been published yet because the update of the website is not finished.
- Your CV has been accepted but is not published in the website where you are seeking it because it doesn’t contain the corresponding keywords. In that case, add the appropriate keywords in the “Title” field in order that your CV appears on the targeted websites.
-Our system contains 3 different databases: job seekers, internship seekers, and freelance workers. Make sure that you are looking for your CV in the right category
Caution ! When updating or bringing changes to your CV, it appears off-line the time it is controlled again and validated.
Besides, your CV may have been removed from our website:
Either you made an online demand for removal of your CV (voluntarily or by mistake).
Or we deleted your CV because we estimated that it didn’t respect our requirements, in spite of all instructions given in the form. In that case, your CV has been deleted during the control process (automatically or manually).
If you think that your CV has not been saved in any of our databases, you can register again by making sure that you carefully followed the instructions.

How can I make sure that my application has been sent to the employer?

In the update page of your CV, you can access to a panel containing the list of sent applications.
If you sent your application, it will appear on the list.

Do I receive e-mail alerts of new offers corresponding to my profile?

Every night, an e-mailing is launched for all offers which have been posted or updated by employers during the day.
In these e-mails, you will find the links allowing you to:
Send your application to the offer
Update your CV
Remove your CV
If the e-mail alerts you receive do not correspond to your search, please change your presentation, especially the fields containing keywords.

Do I have to fill in a new registration form every time I wish to apply to an offer ?

You only need to register once. Your CV will be saved for 8 months, unless you remove it before.
You can apply to all offers you’re interested in very quickly directly from your application space. However, we recommend you to send your application only to offers corresponding to your profile.

How can I update my CV ?

There are different ways to access the update form allowing you to bring changes to your CV:
By using the link contained in the confirmation e-mail you received after you registered.
By using the link in the e-mail alerts you receive.
By using the identification form, whose link is at the bottom of every page, to access the update form

Why do you insist on updating of the CV ?

Every time you update your CV, its date is changed, which has two main consequences:
It allows employers to make sure that you are still seeking a job as your CV appears to be recent.
It allows your CV to have a better referencing on our websites (it will appear approximately among the 10 most recent CVs). The more your CV is recent, the more it has chances to be seen by employers.
The visit numbers of a CV decrease overtime if it's not updated on a regular basis.

When and how many times should I update my CV ?

You should update your CV once a week. It is essential to update your CV on a regular basis. However, do not forget that after being updated, your CV will be offline for a few hours during which the CV will be controlled and the website updated.

Why can’t I indicate the name and contact details of my references ?

In compliance with the French law on “Information Technology and Civil Liberties”, we can not publish any person’s contact details or names without his or her express agreement.
Besides, by indicating phone numbers or e-mail addresses, the person in question might get spammed or disturbed by phone calls (which already occurred).

Why do you recommend not to indicate our current employer’s name ?

We recommend not to indicate your current employer’s name in your CV because you risk to let him know (directly or indirectly) that you intend to leave the company.
You can however give information about the kind of company you are working in, without giving its name (eg: from…till today: in charge of…, in an important company specialized in…)
If you give any indications about your current employer, you take the responsibility for it.

How can I remove my CV ?

There are different ways to access the form allowing you to remove your CV from our websites:
By using the link contained in the confirmation e-mail you received after you registered.
By using the link in the e-mail alerts you receive.
By using the link at the bottom of the website’s homepage (this solution is not effective immediately; it can take several hours until your CV is completely removed, especially on week ends, holidays and outside business hours).

How much time will my CV be saved in your database ?

CVs are saved for 8 months in our database.
If you want your CV to remain for a longer period of time, you just need to update it from time to time (about once a week) by using the update form.
By updating your CV, it will be saved for another 8 months
. As soon as you are not seeking a job anymore, please remove your CV

Why didn’t I receive any answer to my application ?

Some recruitments take time. You need to be patient for a few weeks, or even a few months.
We recommend companies to answer to applicants
. However, some of them do not answer but we can not take responsibility for it.
We advise you to read the answer to the FAQ : How can I optimise the referencing of my offer on the websites ?

I was struck off the files of the national employment agency. Can I register on your website?

YES, you can register on our wbesites if you respect our terms of use, update your profile on a regular basis, apply to offers, and answer to the requests of employers or recruiters.
We are surprised by the number of job seekers who ask this question, as they should be advised that all possibilities have to be explored.
Editor's note : it happens a lot !

I am currently employed in a company. Can I register on your website ?

You currently have a job but you intend to leave the company.
You can register on our websites.
However, you need to respect our general and particular terms of use of our services, especially:
- Do not indicate the name of the company you’re working in or any name of members of the company. Be careful not to leave any indication which would allow to identify you. In case of failure to respect these instructions, you would have to take responsibility for the consequences.
- Answer to all the requests of offerers: if you do not answer, we will delete your CV.

Why can't I upload a Word or Pdf file ?

Our system is based on a database which makes requests in various fields, depending on the customers’ needs.
If the information (the complete CV) is gathered in only one field, it would be difficult to make specific requests and to distinguish, from example, your actual know-how from your past experience, or your current position from the position you seek.
This is why we ask to complete a specific form.
However, once you are in contact with the employer, you can send him again your CV under Word or Pdf format, and even bring a printed copy of it for the interview.

Can I register without receiving e-mail alerts ?

No, you can not look for a job without wanting to receive offers.
If you do not want to receive e-mail alerts, it would mean that you are actually not seeking a job.
If you are not seeking a job, but you registered your CV in our database, you may get contacted by employers, which would represent a loss of time for everyone.

Are all offers online ?

About one third of our customers buy an access to the CV library without posting ads.
Besides, many employers recruit several profiles with the solution they buy.
We estimate that only half of the offers of employers are online.

Why should I apply to offers ?

You registered your CV on our database. This is an essential step in the process of finding an employer.
However, it is not enough.
TWhen posting an offer, the offerer wants to make sure that you are actually interested in the job he offers.
If you do not apply to the offer, he will not be able to know that you are interested.
By applying to the offer, the employer understands that you saw his offer and that you accepted the eventual constraints. It also highlights that he will not loose time getting in touch with you if your profile corresponds to his search.

I saw a post on a search engine but I can not find it again on your website. Why?

Our websites are constantly updated by users, offerers, seekers, and ourselves.
The main search engines save or update close to 100,000 pages a day.
The various search engines permanently store hundreds of millions of pages from our websites.
When a post is removed from our websites, it may not immediately be taken into account by search engines.
That is why it still appears on search engines but not on our websites anymore.
Ed. note: We acknowledge the efficiency of most search engines which need 4 to 72 hours to detect changes saved on our websites.

Why do I not receive e-mail alerts ?

There can be several reasons why you do not receive any e-mail alerts:
We didn’t receive any offer corresponding to your profile yet => we are terribly sorry and ask you to be patient
We received offers but the keywords you entered in your presentation are misspelled or do not correspond to the offers => Bring the necessary changes to your presentation (in the fields “Title”, “Job or function sought”, etc) You entered a wrong e-mail in the registration form or another e-mail address which you do not consult => check again the e-mail address you entered in your form.

Why do you insist on the importance of the spelling ?

Spelling has never been as important as today. In the last century, unless it was published, a written document only had a few given readers who, most of the time, just were the recipient of a letter.
Now, with the internet, mass publications and researches have become much easier.
What do a good spelling and a correct presentation demonstrate? Nothing in particular.
What does a poor spelling (conjugation, grammar, syntax, punctuation…) demonstrate ?
A lack of culture or knowledge
A lack of organization or structure
A poor capacity of concentration
Disrespect towards the reader
A careless attitude
The list is long and non exhaustive.
Besides, the researches made by employers correspond to a chain of characters, and misspelled words contained in your CV will not match the researches and thus, not be found.
We perfectly understand that everyone does not have the same educational level for various reasons beyond their will, but it is your image and future which are at stake.
So proofread your presentation and have it proofread.
Direct links towards articles on our websites about the importance of spelling

How can I optimize the referencing of my CV on the websites ?

We highly advise you to optimize the referencing of your CV on our websites.
To this end, there are various essential elements to take into account: the spelling, the number and relevance of keywords, the comparison to other profiles of the database, and the updating of your post.
- Spelling : for example, an assistant mispelling her function and writing « assitant » (around 300 occurrences in our databases) will not be posted on “assistants.enligne-fr.com” as it will not be recognized as a keyword.
- Increase the number of keywords: the form contains several fields allowing you to describe your current activity and the kind of job you search, and gives you the possibility to put a title on your post. Use these different fields to enter various keywords (try to think about the vocabulary en employer may use when searching profiles like yours).
- Use appropriate keywords: try to use relevant and precise keywords, and avoid using abbreviations and acronyms. For example, use “Human resources” rather than “HR” which is not relevant enough, as it can be contained in several other acronyms; be as precise as possible. Besides, do not enter what you are not looking for, as it will appear in the field as a keyword and be taken into account in search engines. Never enter “any job” or “whatever” if you can not choose among many possibilities; rather enter all functions you would accept to fill (an employer never enters “whatever” in search engines when looking for a profile).
- Compare your CV to those of your “competitors”: look at CVs of similar profiles, how they’re structures, but without copying them. Use the anonymous search engines meant for employers, enter the keywords corresponding to the job you seek, and compare your CV to the others appearing in the list of results (try to do this 24 hours after your registration and bring eventual changes to your CV. You can repeat this operation every day to improve your CV).
- Update your post on a regular basis: every time you update your CV, it will figure again among the 10 most recent CVs. We recommend you to update your CV once a week. All CVs on the websites’ homepages, the lists of applicants and the results of search engines are presented by chronological order, with the most recent ones (or updated most recently) appearing first.
Most of the time, employers select their profiles in the first page of results, which displays the 10 first CVs.

I do not have any e-mail address. How do I proceed?

You do not have any e-mail address and you wish to use our services (for an offer or a demand).
You need a valid email address to use our services as you will receive essential information for your registration.
There are several free services allowing you to create an email address on which you can receive emails using any browser.
Gmail: Google's webmail
Hotmail: Hotmail's webmail
Yahoo.com: Yahoo's Webmail (warning : there are frequently sending problems)
Laposte.net: La Poste's webmail
This is a non-exhaustive list.
It occurs that we notice some functioning problems with the providers of these services. When it occurs, it will be indicated here.

Is your service totally free ?

Our service is COMPLETELY free for jobs and internships seekers.
We are remunerated by jobs and internships offerers (employers).

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